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May 20, 2010

20. May 2010.

The National Employment Office (NEO) stated yesterday that it had approved 355 projects within public works for 2010, owing to which 5,620 persons would get employed. It was also stated that 700 million RSD were earmarked for those projects from this year’s budget of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development.  

The greatest number of public works, or 60 per cent of them, will be carried out in undeveloped municipalities, such as Bujanovac, Trgoviste, Zitoradja and Blace. According to the statement, the greatest number of approved projects was for the social welfare, humanitarian and cultural activities, a total of 136 projects, thanks to which 1,736 persons will get employment. Also approved were 131 projects in the field of protection of the environment, thanks to which 2,320 people will get employed, as well as 88 projects in the field of infrastructure, on the implementation of which 1,564 persons will work.  

On the occasion of approving the projects, priority was given to the projects on the implementation of which persons having a difficulty with finding job will be engaged, such as members of the Roma population. 37.8 million RSD was approved for 21 projects, on the implementation of which 303 Roma persons will be engaged.

Those engaged for the jobs related to public works will be paid salaries that are in accordance with a degree of their qualifications, in other words 16,000 RSD will get those having the first and second degree of qualifications, 18,000 RSD those having the third and fourth degree of qualifications, 20,000 RSD those having the fifth and sixth degree of qualifications and 22,000 RSD those having the seventh degree of qualifications. At this year’s open competition for carrying out works of public importance, 1,467 applications were received from all over the country, the value of which is five billion RSD. Public works are organized for humanitarian, cultural and environmental activities.