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6. September 2010.

On August 10, 2010, a tournament in street basketball was held in the Bujanovac city square, by which the World’s Youth Day was marked. The tournament was opened by Saip Kamberi, President of the Municipality of Bujanovac.

By this activity, the local Youth Office, which had organized the tournament, wished to animate the residents of Bujanovac, in particular the youth, and to point out to them that they should go in for sports. In addition to making basketball a popular sport, the tournament had a multiethnic dimension, since all the teams were set up in accordance with the principle of multi-ethnicity.

The partnership of two basketball clubs, “BSK Junior” and “Elita”, which have been appearing together at competitions since this February, was an indication of the multi-ethnic aspect of basketball for residents of Bujanovac. Their team, which includes Albanian, Serbian and Romany basketball players, won the cup at the said tournament, by which the World’s Youth Day was marked in Bujanovac.