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March 7, 2009

7. March 2009.

The construction of Corridor 10, the investment in the infrastructure of 40 undeveloped municipalities and infrastructure-related support to development of the car industry in Kragujevac are the most important projects into which almost 8.2 billion dinars will be invested from the national Investment Plan (NIP) this year. According to Verica Kalanovic, Minister of NIP, the Serbian government adopted a decision on earmarking 20.5 million dinars, which will be used this year for financing 431 projects, out of the total of 4,030 submitted ones. Five billion dinars were earmarked for the construction of Corridor 10, one billion and 150 million dinars for Kragujevac and two billion dinars for the least developed municipalities, such as Bujanovac, Surdulica, Babusnica, Tutin and Bojnik.     
- If we are efficient enough and invest the above-mentioned funds appropriately, a small progress in development will be made this year, which is going to be a rough one – said Minister Kalanovic. 

The strategic priority of NIP is development of the infrastructure, which is a fundamental assumption for raising the citizens’ living standard and for the country’s development, Mrs. Kalanovic said.  
This is the first time that NIP funds are invested in the infrastructure of 40 least developed municipalities in Serbia – said Minister Kalanovic for the “Evening News” daily. – Traffic, utility and other types of infrastructure are in a rather poor shape, because no investments at all were made in them for years.  We shall also earmark the funds for education of local self-governments’ employees, so that they could acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for managing projects.