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March 26, 2009

26. March 2009.

During the first few months of the year, the factory of furniture casings from Presevo was giving priority to the production of export goods, while specific types of couches and beds were made for the domestic market as well. During the said period, the most produced goods were furniture casings for “Simpo” furniture factories, as well as for the mattress factory from Bujanovac. The factory was using only 75 per cent of its capacities. The factory of furniture from Preševo is able to manufacture 60 thousand upholstered furniture sets per year. The circumstances that aggravated the factory’s business operations concern a timely provision of top-quality materials, rather outdated manufacturing equipment and a failure to manufacture a larger quantity of upholstered furniture sets. The factory sees its future in channeling its production towards manufacturing finished furniture. This would ensure the factory’s survival, financial recovery, a competitive position on the market, thus ensuring the security of around 150 of its workers.

After the manufacturing of semi-finished products for over 25 years, the factory is now planning to manufacture only finished products, due to which the expansion of the existing factory capacities is considered. Alongside a larger quantity of upholstered furniture sets, the manufacturing of furniture casings would continue. According to Raim Iseni, the factory’s commercial director, the manufacturing program would include not only couches, but also French beds and upholstered furniture that is demanded on the markets of the neighboring countries and that isn’t manufactured at “Simpo” factories in Vranje and Bujanovac.