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20. February 2012.

Bujanovac – Bratislav Lazarevic, Secretary of the Red Cross branch office in Bujanovac, said that the local self-government in the said municipality had failed to financially assist the operation of the soup kitchen, which prepares and hands out 1,290 meals for the poorest on a daily basis. 

„When it comes to hunger, it is unimportant whether you are a Serb, an Albanian or a Roma. We have been trying for years to point out this problem to the municipal leaders and to get some sort of assistance, but all our appeals have failed, so that we are forced to manage by ourselves. In spite of everything, we still cope with preparing the meals for the poorest residents of our municipality“, said Mr. Lazarevic.    

The municipal leaders of Bujanovac said that there weren’t any funds in the budget for the soup kitchen, as well as that the local self-government wasn’t obliged to finance the operation of the soup kitchen, but that the government was. In their opinion, the local baker’s, which operates as part of the Red Cross, could finance the preparation of the meals for the poorest.  

The food for the poorest is daily distributed to four distribution points situated in Novo naselje, on the Red Cross premises, in the village of Veliki Trnovac and in the „Salvatore“ refugee camp.