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21. October 2016.

Vranje Letters of thanks for the support and assistance provided with deploying joint medical teams of the Ministry of Defense, the Army of Serbia and the Ohio National Guard in the territory Pcinj district were awarded in the lobby of the Army Club in Vranje. 

Description: letters of thanks were handed out by Col. Miroslav Brocic, MD,   the Head of the Sector for Education and Scientific Research of the Military Medical Academy (MMA), the coordinator of the said activity.  He thanked all the participants for their efforts and said that he hoped that similar activities would be undertaken in the future, and that the cooperation wouldn’t end by that engagement.

Letters of thanks were given to the Commander of the Fourth Army Brigade, Brigadier General Zoran Lubura, the Commander of the Training Centre for the Units Used in Multinational Operations, Lieutenant Colonel Bratislav Vukotic, the Commander of the “Jug” military base, Major Jovica Djordjevic, the Head of the Police Department in Vranje, Igor Zivkovic, and the Chiefs of Police Stations in Bujanovac and Presevo, Goran Savic and Bekim Haliti.

Apart from members of the Ministry of Defense, the Army of Serbia and the Interior Ministry,  letters of thanks were awarded  to the Mayor of Vranje, Slobodan Milenkovic, PhD,  the Mayors of Bujanovac and Presevo, Saip Kamberi and Sciprim Arifi, the elementary school principals and leaders of local communities in the territory of which  the humanitarian assistance had been provided.

Source: Military Medical Academy and Coordination Body