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28. January 2014.

Bujanovac - Deputy Mayor of Bujanovac, Stojanca Arsic, said that a fire had broken out in Prohor Pcinjski monastery the morning before, in which the King's Quarters were burnt down.  

“The fire burned the roof of the building, which is located on the left side of the entrance to the monastery, as well as the ceilings and floors. Only the walls remained, "said Mr. Arsic.

The fire engulfed the dormitory of the monastery, originally called "The King's Quarters".

Mr. Arsić said that the monks, residents and fire-brigade units had been involved in extinguishing the fire, but that they had failed to prevent the fire from swallowing the quarters.

“The water was pulled from the Pcinja river and they were organized perfectly, but it didn’t help," said Mr. Arsic.

A spokesman for the Police Department in Vranje, Dragan Stamenkovic, said that all available units were deployed for fire-fighting and that the possible cause of the fire wasn’t known yet.

However, it is believed that the fire was caused by the burning cube, and that the shuttle went directly into the timber-made ceiling that had no chimney. 

Prohor Pcinjski monastery was reconstructed at the beginning of the first decade of the year 2000.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body