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29. April 2015.

Nis – “Nisville” will mark the world day of jazz, which is April 30, with concerts held in Nis and Vranje, where musicians from Bujanovac, Vranje, Leskovac and Nis will perform.

Vojislav Ilic Jazz Quintet, the band of experienced Nis jazz musicians, which includes  Marijan Cvetanovic (trumpet), Andrew Ciric (saxophone), Vojislav Ilic (electric piano), Vlada Karadzov (bass) and Josip Hartl (drums), will perform  at the Nis-based “Feedback” club at 9 pm on Thursday, April 30.  

Young musicians, who took part in the "Jazz - Multicultural Expression" project in Nis, will also have their performance , while the program will continue with a  jam session, so that “Nisville” invites Nis jazz, blues, soul and funk musicians to bring their instruments and join the gig.

On the day of jazz, young musicians from Leskovac, Bujanovac and Vranje, who participated in the second leg of the “Jazz-Multicultural Expression” project, will perform at the City Gallery in Vranje from 6 pm onwards. 

Admission to both concerts is free

Source: Southern News and Coordination Body