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29. April 2014.

On the occasion of the International Day of Jazz, free concerts will be simultaneously held  on Wednesday , April 30 ,  in six cities in South Serbia, which include Nis , Leskovac , Vranje , Vladicin Han, Bosilegrad and Bujanovac.

The marking of the International Day of Jazz in Nis will have two segments. Firstly, the “Moba” band from Nis and singer Oliver Katic will perform at TC Kalca at 6 pm, and then the young musicians who participate in the free jazz workshops, which are part of the “Jazz – Multicultural Expression” project, will perform at the “Feedback” club from 10 pm onwards.  The program will finish off with a jam session.

In Leskovac, the evening program will start at 8 pm in the chamber hall of the cultural center of Leskovac, where the non-established musicians, who are also workshop participants and students of the jazz department of the “Stanislav Binicki” music school, will perform with the support of their teachers.  

The young musicians involved in the “Jazz - Multicultural Expression” project will be the first to perform at the concerts held in the other four cities, followed by prominent jazz bands from Nis.  So, the “Jam Station’ band will be playing in Bujanovac, “Krembou” in Vranje, “Ventil” in Bosilegrad and “Kafe Bal” in Vladicin Han.  

Jazz concerts in Bujanovac and Vladicin Han will begin at 6pm, and they will be held in the cultural centers of those cities, while the concert in Vranje, which is scheduled for 7 pm, will be held at the Art Gallery of the National Museum. The concert in Bosilegrad will be held at the cultural center at 9 pm.  

As stated by the Nisvil Foundation, which is organizing the event, these concerts have been entered into the official program of the global celebration of the International Day of Jazz.

Source: South News and Coordination Body