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22. September 2020.

Bujanovac - Residents of the village of Jablanica are asking the Municipality of Bujanovac to urgently solve their long-standing problem with water supply.

After being left without water tanks from the PE "Komunalac" all last week, the angry citizens of Jablanica tried to talk to the Mayor of Bujanovac Nagip Arifi on Monday morning, but he did not receive them, justifying himself with other obligations.

Ten families live in the part of the village where there is no water supply. They keep waiting for water from the PE "Komunalac", while the water tanks, as they say, come irregularly.

“They would bring us water once in two weeks, but they have been running late lately, so that they bring it once in three weeks now. This is a great shame and it is sad that the children who live here do not have water in the 21st century.  People somehow manage, so that we bring water with tractors and purchase it. We don't even have a road, and we have been left to ourselves for years ", says a local who was among the representatives of the village who asked for a meeting with the Mayor on Monday.

As he says, they were told that the Mayor was busy, so someone else received them.

"We talked about all our troubles for who knows which time and that someone said that they have been known for a long time," he says.

The Director of the PE "Komunalac", Rusdi Halili, said that the people of Jablanica had received water that weekend, which our interlocutor from the village confirmed, but he emphasized that the water from one water tank was shared by two households, which was insufficient.

As the then Deputy Mayor of Bujanovac, Stojana Arsic, said in 2018, that 35 million dinars were needed to permanently solve the problem or to construct the water supply system. 

Shortly afterwards, Mr. Arsic assessed that it was too big an expense, considering the number of people who live there.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body