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26. November 2013.

Меdvedja – The “Jablanica Eco” company was founded in the municipality of Medvedja, which will be dealing with the production of pellets. It is planned that 40 people should get a job in the factory at the beginning of the next year.  Pieces of the equipment have already been installed in the hall of the bankrupt “Termovent” company, which were provided by donors from Slovenia. Nonetheless, the municipality of Medvedja is the first municipality in Serbia that will be a 100 per cent owner of the joint stock company with a limited liability.

“At least 40 young people from the municipality will be employed here, who will, together with their families, and thanks to this job, stay in our small town, which is the biggest gain for us”,  said the mayor of Medvedja, Slobodan Draskovic.  He added that the municipality was ready for a public-private partnership and that it should serve as an example to other local self-governments in Serbia.

One ton of pellets per hour will be produced in the "Jablanica Eco" factory.  The demand for this product is great, and potential buyers from the European Union have already contacted the company.

The value of the entire project is around one million euros. In addition to the municipality of  Medvedja, which invested the most financial resources, significant financial support was provided by donors from Slovenia.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body