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28. September 2018.

Medvedja – The data of the Republican Statistical Office show that when it comes to at an average net salary in July, Jablanica district was at the very bottom of the salary list in Serbia with 39 thousand and 270 dianars.  

Better than Jablanica district were Toplica district with 40 thousand and 697 dinars and Pcinj district with 40 thousand and 589 dinars. The average net salary in Leskovac in July amounted to 40 thousand and 95 dinars per employee.

In Belgrade, the employee, prior to paying taxes and contributions, received on average more than twenty thousand dinars than the employee in Leskovac, which is 60 thousand and 176 dinars, while the employee in Nis received 45 thousand and 859 dinars. In July, Medvedja was once again at the top of the salary list in Jablanica district with an average net salary amounting to 45 thousand and 975 dinars, while an average net salary in Crna Trava amounted to 38 thousand and 91 dinars per employee. They are followed by Lebane with 37 thousand and 750 dinars, Bojnik with 36 thousand and 371dinars and Vlasotince with 35 thousand and 217 dinars. The average (gross) earnings in Serbia calculated for July 2018 amounted to 68,029 dinars, while the average wage, without taxes and contributions, amounted to 49,202 dinars. The cumulative growth of gross salary in the period January-July 2018, compared to the same period last year, was 5.8% in nominal terms and 3.9% in real terms. At the same time, net earnings increased by 6.2% in nominal terms and by 4.3% in real terms. Compared with the same month of the previous year, the average gross earnings for July 2018 were by 7.4% higher in nominal terms and by 4.9% in real terms, while the average net wage increased by 7.9% in nominal terms, or by 5, 4% in real terms. The median net income for July was 38, 642 dinars, which means that 50% of the employees had the earnings up to the said amount. The average net salary in July 2018 amounted to 417 euros.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body