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15. May 2019.

Bujanovac –  Isidora Taskovic from the village of Levosoj and her mentor Milos Stoimenov  returned from the recently completed Grand International Accordion Competition in Ukraine with a silver medal, which shines with a golden glow.

According to her mentor, Isidora Taskovic, a 7th grade student of the “Vuk Karadzic” elementary school in the village of Levosoje, delighted members of the expert jury from Great Britain, France and Italy. Isidora won the second place in the competition, in which more than 40 young accordions, aged from 13 to 15, from Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus had taken part.

The event called "Perpetuum Mobile", in which accordion players participated and which took place in the Ukrainian town of Dragobic, was this talented girl’s first competition outside the borders of Serbia, while she had already won at the competitions held in our country.  

“Isidora’s success is enormous. She showed admirable talent and great potential. This was confirmed by the experts for the accordion from Belarus and Italy, from whom she received an invitation to perform in the competitions in their countries,” says Milos Stoimenov, her accordion teacher at the Bujanovac music school.  

In addition to Isidora, Milos Stoimenov, too, made an effort to present Bujanovac and Serbia in the best possible manner in the far-off Ukraine.  

He was invited to open the competition with a solo concert.  He was also honored to be a member of the expert jury and he participated in a conference on contemporary music of the 21st century played on the accordion. 

Silver medal won at the competition in Ukraine is one of the biggest awards for the music school in Bujanovac, while Mr. Stoimenov announced new performances and successes of his 13 accordion players. 

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body