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26. March 2019.

The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Branko Ruzic, invited the towns and municipalities to apply for funds from the City Fund and reminded that the deadline for applying expired on April 1st. 

Minister Ruzic said that this year 50% more funds for that fund were provided and that 489,365,000 dinars were available to the local self-governments.

He added that it was encouraging that the funds in that fund were increasing from year to year, and emphasized that the cities and municipalities could in that way finance the construction of infrastructure, the introduction of e-Government or the organization of cultural, tourist and sports events of importance for the local environments. 

Minister Ruzic pointed out that the news, compared to the last year's competition, was the financing of projects to reduce the risks of climate change, natural disasters and the like. 

“In the past decade, we were faced with great floods, earthquakes, and learned a lesson about the importance of prevention. Therefore, part of the funds is directed to preventive action, so that we could protect the property of both local self-governments and citizens, "Minister Ruzic said.

Cities and municipalities can apply for four types of projects: 

  • Projects that improve the quality of life of citizens and contribute to local economic development and employment - the construction and reconstruction of communal infrastructure, school, preschool, cultural and sports facilities, as well as the building of local institutions, fixing up of parks, markets, squares and lighting - 342.555.500 dinars.
  • Projects that contribute to the faster introduction of e-Government and modern information technologies in order to improve and modernize the work of local governments and better service provision to citizens, as well as technical conditions for electronic connection with state and other bodies and organizations - 48,936,500 dinars.
  • Projects for the organization of cultural, sports, tourist and other events that are of special importance for the citizens in the territory where they live - 48,936,500 dinars.
  • Projects for preventive action to reduce the risk of climate change, as well as natural and other disasters, with the aim of protecting the property of local self-governments and citizens - 48,936,500 dinars.

All necessary information for participating in the public call, public invitation and necessary forms can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website.

Source: Business Morning and Coordination Body