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18. August 2016.

“CEEweb for Biodiversity", a network of non-governmental environmental organizations from Central and Eastern Europe, based in Budapest, launched a competition for short films in the field of ecology.

The application deadline is October 31.

The films competing for the "Go-Green" award should have an impact on raising people’s awareness about specific problems or on directing people toward finding solutions, and call on the public and decision-makers to undertake the activities and change their behavior.

The films can be of any genre, but shouldn’t be more than 4 minutes long. It is recommended that they last from 60 to 90 seconds.

First prize is 700 euros and it is in the form of a voucher for one of the on-line stores.

Further information on the competition, the requirements for and the manner of applying, as well as the application form, are available on

The "Green-Go Short Film" competition has been organized since 2011.

Source: Radio and Television of Vojvodina and Coordination Body