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27. October 2014.

A year and a half ago, the eight-member Neskovic family from the remote mountain village Crvenika in the municipality of Kursumlija, where there are neither roads nor school, in search of a better life, moved to Medvedja.  Rados, the father of six children, got a job at the “Lece” mine, while the municipality had promised to help in solving their housing problem. 

The decision wasn’t easy, but the desire for the children to live better brought them to Medvedja.  It is hard to live without a roof over your head, but the Neskovics don’t complain.  

I don’t regret coming here, because it is much better for us.  Conditions for the children are better. The road, school and the health center are near”, says Rados Neskovic.

They had difficulties with finding a dilapidated house with two rooms in Medvedja, for which which they pay a rent of 100 euros per month.  They also regularly pay all their bills. As for the rest, they have to “tighten the belt” and get by until Rados’ first mining wages reaches them.

“I work in my spare time, too.  I go into the woods and haul wood, like other people do here. We manage somehow”, says Rados Neskovic.

They have very little, yet their house is full of children that include four boys and two girls. 

Although they haven’t got any relatives here, people from the municipality say that the Neskovics won’t be alone on the path of solving their housing problem, because there is both the will and way to help them.

“We will assume the responsibility for paying the rent for their apartment for at least a year, so that they wouldn’t have any housing costs until we find an adequate solution”, says the Mayor of Medvedja Slobodan Draskovic.

This is the only family that moved to Medvedja in the past few years.  Maybe the Neskovics provide us with an indication that the picture of the pronounced migration in the region of Upper Jablanica could be changed for the better.

Source: Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and Coordination Body