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22. May 2020.

In the circumstances when classes are held at a distance, questions often arise, such as: "How Do I organize myself?", "What should I learn first?", "How should I study?", "What motivates me? etc. In the new conditions of learning and getting educated, it is very important to do what we can and adjust.

That is why the Euro Guidance Center conducts webinars on various topics that are important to students. Thus, at recently held webinars, a series of techniques for successful learning at home were presented and students were given advice on planning and organizing their own learning.

The most common problems that we come across when learning include motivation, concentration and focus, discipline and self-organization, as well as problems with the studying material that is difficult, boring or dull.  However, it is important to keep in mind that these problems are solvable and that there are a number of possible solutions that we can use on our own. For many activities related to learning and school, we need others, such as our peers and teachers, but there are still things we can do on our own. For instance, we can:

• Organize our learning time: it is important to split up learning into phases (first reading, then extracting key words and memorizing, and finally repetition);

• Make our action plan so that we know what we need to do and by when to achieve a certain goal (in this way, we can also monitor what has been completed, and what still needs to be worked on and what deadlines have been set for us);

• Find our learning technique, because we know our way of thinking the best (is it maybe a map of the mind with drawing symbols instead of writing concepts or is it learning by listening and retelling or something else?);

• Set learning goals because we ourselves know our circumstances and obligations the best (the goal should be concrete and measurable, contain a clear deadline and include a number of important steps to be taken);

• Create a personal reward system that will further motivate us to dedicate ourselves to school tasks (we will have more will to do a task if we know that an episode of our favorite TV series awaits us upon completing it).

The website  contains a schedule of interactive webinars and individual consultations that aim to help you build self-confidence, identify your strengths and weaknesses and become more confident about the decisions made on your career path.

Source: Tempus Foundation and Coordination Body