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23. October 2020.

Меdvedja - The majority of the elderly population of the municipality of Medvedja lives on the border or below the poverty line, while the Center for Social Work does not always have the opportunity to help them due to the legal criteria that apply to beneficiaries of social protection services.

These data caused the local self-government of the municipality of Medvedja to introduce the initial service "Home help for the elderly", which has been implemented in the territory of the municipality of Medvedja since 2008, when the service included 35 beneficiaries.

The project "Home Help for Adults with Disabilities and the Elderly - Good Deeds for our Villages" will now cover 70 beneficiaries. 

So far, four assisted living caregivers have provided home help. Under the new project,  two more caregivers were engaged due to the increased number of beneficiaries.

In order for the service to be provided to beneficiaries in the field as well, 2 drivers from the ranks of unemployed persons from the labor market were hired too.

An agreement was signed in the Assembly Hall between the "Niveus Team"  agency for providing social protection services and 6 caregivers and 2 drivers, who will be engaged in the project.

The coordinator of the "Niveus Team" agency from Gornji Milanovac, Milan Tadic, pointed out that the engaged assisted living caregivers had the necessary licenses and certificates for performing work in the field of social protection.

The service will be provided in the following villages situated in the territory of the municipality of Medvedja: Negosavlje, Bucumet, Sponce, Gurgutovo, Rujkovac, Tulare, Lece, Mrkonje, Medevce, Macedonce, Vrapce, Bogunovac, Borovac, Pusto Silovo, Retkocer and Crni Vrh, as well as in the  city center of Medvedja.

“The project aims to improve the quality of life of the elderly and infirm living in the most remote hilly and mountainous villages of the municipality of Medvedja. The elderly who live in rural areas are left at the mercy of their fate. They are additionally plagued by diseases and the inability to provide themselves with adequate treatment and care. A large number of elderly households and disabled people live up to 26 km away from healthcare and other institutions. That is why our idea is to help this category of the population as much as we can and make their lives easier ", pointed out the President of the Municipality of Medvedja, Nebojsa Arsic.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body