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6. April 2011.

Vranje – „Help“, the German humanitarian organization, concluded an agreement with fifty small businessmen in Vranje. The said agreement is on providing support to development of small businessmen’s dealings. The greatest number of support beneficiaries, over twenty of them, conduct business operations in the fields of agriculture, the services and crafts. One third of them are women. Their busness ideas were assessed as the most valuable ones. In order to put them into practice, every small busnismen will be able to procure the necessary equipment and materials worth up to 2,000 euro. 80 per cent of the finacial assistance is non – refundable. In addition, the said small businessmen will undergo a specialist training in conducting successful business operations.
Providing support to small businessmen is part of the program for reducing poverty by means of supporting local development in South Serbia. The implementation of the program began last year. The program is aimed at achieving a sustainable development of South Serbia and at enhancing the local economy. It is implemented in the following cities of the Pcinj district: Vranje, Bujanovac and Presevo, Nis, Aleksinac and Pirot.  The program is funded by the Government of the Republic of Germany and the above-mentioned towns and municipalities, while its overall value is  almost one million euro.  130,000 euro was earmarked for Vranje, while the Vranje self-government participates in the project with almoat 60,000 euro. This is Help’s fifth project in this city. There are over 320  fianacial assistance beneficiaties in Vranje. The poverty reducation program will be implemented in South Serbia until the end of the year.