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26. January 2021.

Medvedja - In the Assembly Hall of the Municipality of Medvedja, the handing out of contracts was organized for persons who had exercised the right to be among 13 of those who would have their first work experience in the Municipal Administration of the Municipality of Medvedja. Persons selected by the National Employment Office signed a tripartite contract with the employer and the National Employment Office in early January, but due to the declared state of emergency in the municipality of Medvedja, the contracts were handed out a few days ago.

The program of the Government of the Republic of Serbia "My First Salary", which started off with the publication of a public call last year, and which is implemented by the National Employment Office, with the support of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the IT and e-Government Office and the Chambers of Commerce of Serbia, is being implemented in the private and public sectors.

“The Municipality of Medvedja applied for the public call as an employer who was interested in providing an opportunity for young people from Medvedja to start their first work steps right here. The young people from the territory of the municipality of Medvedja were greatly interested in the "My First Salary" program, but based on the number of employed persons in our local self-government, the National Employment Office approved only 13 vacancies, which are for 9 persons with secondary school education, 1 person with two-year post-secondary school education and 3 persons with university education. During the nine months of training for work, you will gain the first work experiences, use the acquired knowledge and develop new skills, improve work habits, and will be paid for your work.  Your job training will be conducted according to an established program approved by the National Employment Office, with a mentor who supervises and provides support. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completed training in specific jobs, which increases the chance of getting a job for which you were educated," said the Municipal President Nebojsa Arsic while addressing young people in the hall.

Persons with completed secondary school education are provided with a monthly financial compensation in the amount of 20,000.00 dinars, while the compensation to those with completed higher education amounts to 24,000.00 dinars. The funds will be paid directly to the persons undergoing training, through the National Employment Office, while the job training lasts for 9 months. Of 13 persons who signed the contracts, two are of Albanian nationality.

Source: Media Center 016, 4S TV, South Serbia Info Center and Coordination Body