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29. November 2012.

Source: Jugpress  / Medvedja - 800,000 tons of copper and 78 tons of gold were discovered in the village of Tulare, which is situated near Medvedja, according to the "Danube Minerals" company, which carried out research there.
It was also said in the statement that "following the final calculation of mineral reserves in Tulare, it was established that 300 million tons of ore with a content of 0.27 percent of copper and 0.26 grams per ton of ore existed there. This amounts to 800,000 tons of copper and 78 tons of gold ", the media conveyed the statement of Phil Fox, Research Manager at the" Danube Minerals" company.

He added that the "Danube Minerals" company had invested over 15 million US dollars in research over the previous two years. 

"Danube Minerals" has already begun a preliminary mining study on the project, which will help determine the economic and technical aspects of how the future mine could operate ", Mr. Fox said, adding that the initial studies could be published next year.

He also said that the people in the research team of the Serbian company, which has the Canadian capital, come mainly from Medvedja and its surroundings.