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4. December 2020.

The annual global student competition, which is aimed at finding bold ideas and innovative solutions for smarter, more energy efficient and sustainable cities, will be organized this year as well, while applying for it is ongoing.

The global “Go Green” competition, which is organized by the Schneider Electric company, as a leader in sustainable development and automation, is looking for finalists with the ideas that will more than ever reshape our future, companies and industry.

Thus, engineering and business students that are focused on green energy and the use of renewable sources may submit their works on the platform  and gauge their knowledge with the knowledge of their colleagues from all over the world.  

Students must be from the same country or region during the competition, and each team should have at least one female member.

This year's competition is split up into the following five categories: "Access to Energy", "Home of the Future", "Plants of the Future", "Networks of the Future" and "Decoding the Future".

The competition lasts until February 15, 2021, while the grand virtual finale is scheduled for June next year.

The winning teams will win prize trips to America, Great Britain, India, France or China, where they will have the opportunity to make contacts with their colleagues and meet the top management of the Schneider Electric company.

Source: and Coordination Body