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17. April 2019.

Bujanovac – The City Council of Vranje adopted the proposal of the commission for the allocation of funds for co-financing from the city's budget projects for the production of media contents in 2019.  A total of 13 million dinars was earmarked for television projects, while the selection commission was composed of Miodrag Popov, the Chairman of the commission, and Slobodan Radicevic and Velibor Todorovic, members of the commission.

12 projects were submitted, while five of them were approved.  

Radio and Television Vranje received 6.1 million dinars, while TV Vranjska Plus got 5.3 million dinars.  TV Bujanovac and TV Ritam (Rhythm) were supported by 600, 000 dinars each, while TV Info pulse got 400, 000 dinars.  

Under the call for the radio, the press, news agencies and Internet portals, 11 out of 37 submitted projects were supported.  

The commission decided that Vranjska Plus TV portal would be supported by 950, 000 dinars, and Radio Vranje by 450, 000 dinars.  

OK Radio will get 450, 000 dinars, Vranje News 350, 000 dinars, while OK Portal and RTV Vranje portal 300, 000 dinars each.

The Leskovac-based Jugmedia will be supported with 200, 000 dinars, portal Vranje Net with 150, 000 dinars, Radio Ritam (Rhythm) with 150, 000 dinars, too, while portals “Čuvari Srbije” (The Guardians of Serbia) and TV Info Puls will receive 100,000 dinars each.  

The total funds for this purpose amounted to 3.5 million dinars, while the proposals were considered by the commission composed of Djordje Kovacevic, the Chairman of the commission,  and  Dusan Miljkovic and Nikola Panic, members of the commission.  

The City Council also adopted the commission’s report on the review of submitted reports on the project implementation following last year's call for co-financing the media contents and concluded that all media outlets had justified the funds received.  

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body