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25. March 2021.

Free and non-profit school "IT Bootcamp" has enabled all interested parties from all over Serbia to apply for the free IT course "Website Development (PHP)". Applying for the course is ongoing and lasts until Sunday, March 28.

The course makes it possible for participants to develop websites themselves and thus begin their IT careers.  PHP is a scripting language used to develop dynamic web pages, as well as web applications. It is used on various operating systems and has a simple syntax, which makes it easy to learn. 

The course is intended for participants without prior programming knowledge, but candidates are expected to have good computer literacy. It is designed to meet market needs and practical work, with additional preparation of participants for the program’s presentation to companies. 

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to develop functional websites by themselves and do programming using PHP. They will learn how to use hosting and domain, and how to create a website and adapt it to all devices.  They will master adding and deleting content, managing pages, developing an administrative database in the back-end of the site, managing photos and files.

“IT Bootcamp "is a school founded by individual donors from the diaspora, and is implemented in cooperation with the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. Since its founding in 2018  until today, 49% of students have got jobs in IT companies, after successfully completing retraining courses.

The goal of the school is to provide free knowledge to the population that has not had the opportunity to be formally educated in the field of information technology. It provides a splendid chance to motivated and hard-working individuals who want to take the first step towards the IT world.

You can find the information on the application requirements, as well as the application form, on

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