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Foreign Trade Developed in Presevo, Trgoviste, Bosilegrad and Vladicin Han

3. June 2011.

Vranje – In the first three months of this year, businessmen from the Pcinj district exported and imported goods and services valued at the total of 67 million US dollars.   When it comes to foreign trade, a surplus of six million dinars was produced, while most of the region’s foreign trade, around 85 per cent of it, was conducted by the city of Vranje. In the first quarter of the year, Vranje’s companies exported to foreign countries the goods and services valued at almost 31 million dinars, which is almost by one half more than in the same period last year. Also, their imports, which amounted to 25 million US dollars, were by 20 per cent greater than the last year’s ones. Actually, businessmen from Bujanovac were the only businessmen in the region that exported by one fourth less than they had done in the previous year.

Surdulica, which used to be a large exporter, didn’t export at all this year, and it failed to export in the previous years, too. On the other hand, businessmen from Presevo, Trgoviste, Bosilegrad and Vladicin Han, whose businesses were stagnant over the past few years, increased foreign trade in the first quarter of the year.  The increase in foreign trade is symbolic, especially in Trgoviste and Bosilegrad, but it is still two, three or even six times larger than it was in the same period last year.

Only exports and imports of Presevo’s companies amounted to one million US dollars each.

The Pcinj district exports to around forty countries of the world, but it imports almost twice more than it exports. The Pcinj district’s companies cooperate with Italy the most, and then with the countries that once made up the Yugoslav market. Anyway, Italy has been the main foreign trade partner of the Leskovac Chamber of Commerce, which covers both the Pcinj and Jablanica District.   Trade with Italy in the first quarter of the year amounted to around 17.5 million US dollars.  Also, the exports from this part of Serbia to Bulgaria were tripled, to Slovenia doubled, while the exports to Germany and Montenegro were visibly reduced. Finally, South Serbia’s foreign trade from January to March 2011 improved by seven per cent compared with the ones from the same period last year, whereas the surplus produced is larger than 13 million US dollars.