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February 25, 2009

25. February 2009.

An open competition for a new round of stimulating loans, which are designed for development of companies and entrepreneurs in the most undeveloped municipalities, began on February 24.

Dejan Jovanović, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, said that 2.49 billion dinars had been provided from the budget for stimulating loans. The priority in accommodating the loans will be given to the companies and entrepreneurs that invest the approved funds in the production and services, as well as to those that use the approved funds for the construction of new facilities and enlargement of the existing capacities. The stimulating loans are designed for a total of 40 most undeveloped municipalities, among which are Presevo and Bujanovac as well.

Interested entrepreneurs may count on the loans ranging from 500,000 to three million dinars, while legal entities will be able to get from two to 250 million dinars, provided they didn’t have any losses in performance of their business operations over the past two years.

Priority will also be given to those that have ensured their own participation, as well as to those that intend to employ workers registered with the National Employment Office. It won’t be possible to use those loans for the opening of new entrepreneurial shops, primary agricultural production programs, trade funding, purchase of road vehicles and the equipment for the games of chance or betting places.

Three primary goals of giving support to development of the least developed regions through loans are the incentives for further investments, encouragement of employment and the living standard improvement. Such investments in undeveloped municipalities are also important because a more equalized regional development is brought about in that manner.