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FACULTY OF PHILOLOGY MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON RAGMI MUSTAFA'S INITIATIVE: "There Are No Conditions for Opening the Albanology Department’s Branch in Bujanovac

17. March 2021.

Belgrade, Bujanovac - The Faculty of Philology is now in the process of accreditation, so it would not be responsible at this point to consider the opening of the department’s branches until it is determined whether the faculty has sufficient capacity to cover the programs within the faculty itself.

This is the response of the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Iva Draškić Vićanović, to the information published by the President of the National Council of Albanians, Ragmi Mustafa, on social networks that the University of Belgrade would consider the initiative to open in Bujanovac a Branch of the Department of Albanology of the Faculty of Philology.

Professor Draškić Vićanović says that she is familiar with the initiative and that talks on that topic were held at the UB Rectory during the term of office of the previous acting dean of the faculty.  

“We also considered the data on the number of enrolled and graduated students, as well as on the number of lecturers at the Department of Albanology of the Faculty of Philology. And until it is determined whether we have the sufficient capacity, those outposts cannot be opened ", says Iva Draškić Vićanović.

By the way, the initiative to open the Department of Albanology’s Branch in Bujanovac was initiated by Ragmi Mustafa himself, who addressed the Rectory after consultations with the Head of the Department of Albanology, Professor Naila Imami, and as Mr. Mustafa stated, they came to a joint conclusion that the opening of the department’s branch would be "more than desirable".  

The request is justified by the fact that young Albanians from three municipalities from South Serbia, Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja, would willingly study the Albanian language and literature, but for numerous reasons they would not like to do it in Belgrade, while distance is cited as one of the reasons.

Source: “Evening News” daily and Coordination Body