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13. December 2019.

Upon successfully completing the ninth call within the European Journal last school year, the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia invites secondary school students to apply for the tenth, jubilee call for creative and innovative works.

This year's themes of the call are: the EU and Serbia, the EU in your daily life, Myths about the EU, Human rights, Environment and climate change, Violence prevention and Europe - united in diversity.

The works can be individual or team ones and in the following categories: Photo works (individual work); Design proposal for the Journal 2020/2021 edition - front and back covers and front page design of all 10 chapters of this year's edition (team work); Video formats - up to three minutes’ long (team work); Comics/caricature - B2 format (individual work); Multimedia format – the development of a website or a mobile application (team work).   

15 works will be awarded.

The winners of the call will go on a seven-day trip to one or more EU countries in May 2020. 

The rules for participating in the 2019/20120 prize competition are as follows:

- The call is open to first, second and third grade secondary school students;

- Several teams (three students per team) from the same school may participate in the call.  Each team must have its own mentor. Team members must not in any way be part of any formal school associations or school clubs.

- Students who have been awarded in previous European Journal calls are not eligible to participate in this year's call.   

- Schools that have participated in the previous cycles may sign up new participants in the call.

- The mentor must be a teacher at the school.

- A teacher can mentor only one team. 

- A total of 15 works will be awarded, with three winners in each category.   

- The minimum number of works in one category is 10.    

- In case of an insufficient number of works in one category, the EU Delegation reserves the right to award more awards in some other category.

The works received after the submission deadline shall not be considered. All works, except for those in the comic/caricature category, are to be submitted exclusively by electronic means to the address: .

In order to apply for the call, you must fill in the application form, which is available on

The deadline for submitting your works is January 31, 2020.

Works in the comic/caricature category, along with with the application form, should be sent by post to: the EU Info Center for the "European Journal 2019/2020" call, Kralja Milana 7, 11000 Belgrade.

The instructions for submitting works for the competition, in which the role of the mentor is explained, can be found on the same site. The submitted works will be evaluated by an expert jury, while the results of the call will be published in March 2020, on the website . Only the awardees will be notified via e-mail.

The Instructions for submitting works for the prize competition are available on .

You can see the award-winning works from the previous calls issued within the European Journal project on the website .

If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to  or see if the answer to your question is on the FAQ page.

Source: European Journal and Coordination Body