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23. October 2020.

The EU PRO development program, with the support of the European Union, issued a prize art competition for secondary and grammar school students from 99 cities and municipalities on the topic "Solidarity Connects Us", so that young people could grasp the world around them in the year of the corona virus pandemic.

This topic should especially encourage the young to recognize the importance of solidarity and present what the pandemic has shown - that everyone is equal in the face of problems, as well as that those problems are easier to overcome by joint engagement of the whole society.

The students should, through artistic expression,  show how the world and their immediate environment changed during the pandemic, point out the examples of solidarity and support that the pandemic encouraged, as well as who in their communities was affected the most by the new circumstances, it was said in the statement issued by the EU PRO Program.

The novelty this year is that students, as well as the general public, will be able to vote online through the official Internet presentation of the EU PRO program and thus choose their 12 favorites from a narrowed down selection of 20 works, which will be previously selected by an internal jury. 

Online voting will be open after the competition closes and will last for five days. The voice of the audience will participate as the fifth member of the jury, after which the members of the jury will make a selection of the 12 best works, which will be found on the pages of the EU PRO calendar for 2021, while the authors will be awarded laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

As in previous years, the EU PRO program invites schools to organize internal school competitions in which they will select the works that will participate in the competition, while the school that proves to be the best in the engagement and organization will receive a laptop computer and a projector as a reward.

The competition is open until November 15, 2020, while the announcement of the winners, the award ceremony and the promotion of the calendar will be organized in December, in accordance with the epidemiological situation.

The propositions for participating in the art competition are available on

Source: EU PRO Program and Coordination Body