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10. July 2020.

Belgrade - Today, parents enroll their children in secondary school through the e-Government portal. What is required for the enrollment?

In order to get enrolled in secondary school via the Internet, it is necessary for the parent or guardian to create, if they do not already have one, an account on the e-Government portal and fill in the application today from 7 am to 3 pm today.

It is not necessary for students and parents to come to school, nor to bring any documents.

“If the school determines that some information needs to be checked, the specific document can be submitted later on, about which the parents will be informed ", it was said on the e-Government portal.

Upon receipt of the application form filled in by the parent on the e-Government portal, the school obtains data on the student from the birth register, residence records and information from the health information system on the performed medical examination, as well as the data on the previously acquired education, based on which the student was assigned to that secondary school.

If the parents are in doubt, they can call the Call Center of the Ministry of Education on 011/7350 557.

The electronic secondary school enrollment service will also be available in the second enrollment term on Monday, July 13 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Although electronic enrollment is recommended due to the epidemic, the possibility of enrolling in the school itself remains, the Ministry of Education said.

Source: RTS and Coordination Body