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31. July 2015.

The prejudice that young women can’t be employed in the world of information technology was embedded in our mentality, but it is now being eradicated thanks to a new Youth Build's program "The Recruitment of Young Women in the IT Sector".  Thanks to their effort, will and knowledge, the participants in the program managed to overcome many obstacles and prejudices about the inclusion of young women in the field of information technology. The training, which is intense and lasts eight hours per day, began last week. It takes place at the community center in Bujanovac. Despite the high temperatures and intense training, the enthusiasm of these young women and their willingness to learn haven’t gone awry.

During the first 7-10 days, with the help of professional trainers from "Tailors’ School", the training participants mastered the following: Adobe Fireworks program that enables web designers to quickly create the prototype of web pages and interface applications; HTML program language that contains commands for creating a hypertext document, which may contain data in various formats, such as texts, pictures, music and videos and Cascading Style Sheets, or the CSS for short, which is a file style which provides the shape, dimensions and color of the HTML code. The participants in the program will have lectures on JavaScript and Word Press next week, while they will start undergoing the practical part of training right after that.  

In the second phase of the program (September - October 2015), the project participants will learn how to be independent and proactive, and will gain more knowledge in the field of local development, activism, establishing local partnerships, participation of young people in the projects. They will also learn about the connection between the above-mentioned issues and individual empowerment of youth by improving their abilities and skills, especially those related to employment or starting a business.

“The inclusion of young women in and their contribution to the field of information technology means that they must keep up with the constant changes in technology, face the new challenges and put a lot of effort and patience into achieving certain goals,“ said Bejhane  Bajrami from Bujanovac, a participant in the program.

Marko Djordjevic, a lecturer at "Tailors’ School", said that the initiative aimed to encourage and motivate women to choose the IT area as an opportunity for their future profession, to unite and form a community of women who were professionally involved in the IT field, and to encourage other women who hadn’t yet decided or considered that that area was suitable for them.

At the end of the program, the participants will receive certificates that will prove that they successfully completed the training and they will be able to use them when looking for a job.

The project "Employment of Young Women in the IT Sector" is implemented by the Association of Citizens for Democracy and Civic Education" and by the “Civic Initiatives ", while it is financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

Further information on the Youth Build’s program and the Citizens' Initiatives can be found at
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