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9. July 2020.

Bujanovac - The ban on organizing parties, weddings, birthdays, sports events, as well as gatherings of more than five people indoors and outdoors, are some of the emergency measures announced by the Emergency Situations Staff of the Municipality of Bujanovac on Wednesday, in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The measures were adopted at the suggestion of Dr. Lela Jovanovic, the Director of the Health Center, due to, as she said, "the alarming situation regarding the corona virus in the municipality", the Bujanovac News reported. 

Also, the working hours of catering facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, betting places, halls for organizing celebrations and children's playrooms, are limited from 7 am to 8 pm.

In those places, there must not be more than two people at the table and the obligatory distance of two meters between the guests and the tables must be respected, while the employees must wear protective masks, it was stated in the decision.

When it comes to indoor places, such as public institutions, means of public transportation, banks, post offices, betting places and companies, it is obligatory to wear protective masks or visors and maintain a two –meter distance.

“The operation of beauty and hairdressing salons, fitness centers and gyms should be organized with the implementation of all protection measures", it is said in the decision.

As the Deputy President of the Municipality, Stojanča Arsić, told the Bujanovac News, the emergency measures would take effect immediately.

How long the measure will be in force will depend on the development of the situation, but certainly not less than two weeks, it was said at the session of the Emergency Situations Staff.

Source: OK Radio, Bujanovac News and Coordination Body