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17. April 2019.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, through the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade, announced the procedure for receiving and selecting the proposals to be implemented, along with grants, within the Official Development Financial Assistance of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Serbia, while the starting date for project launching is in 2020.  

Priority areas and guidelines for the implementation of projects in the territory of the Republic of Serbia are the following: the strengthening of administrative capacities for the purpose of strengthening the rule of law and democratic governance, protection of human rights, with a focus on the rights of the child and minority rights, protection of cultural diversity and ethnic tolerance, the connection between them, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs for young people, cultural exchange and environmental protection.   

Target groups are: non-governmental organizations, local self-governmental organizations and educational institutions.  

The application form is available in Bulgarian and English.  All parts of the application form should be filled in clearly and correctly in Bulgarian or English.  In case of omissions that make assessment of the project proposal difficult, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade may request additional information in the short term. 

Project proposals will be received: at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade (Bircaninova 26), by registered mail and by e-mailing a scanned application to

Projects must be written in Bulgarian or English, signed and sealed.  Projects will be accepted by June 28, 2019.  Candidates will be notified of the results of the evaluation within 10 working days of the decision of the competent authority.  The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade has no obligation to inform candidates about the reasons for the approval or rejection of submitted project proposals.

Further information on the call is available on

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade and Coordination Body