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22. September 2020.

Presevo - Over the previous days, members of the Republican Crisis Staff spoke about Presevo as a possible ground zero for the infection. According to the data of the Health Center, there have been about twenty or so persons positive for COVID 19 in that municipality since the beginning of September.  

Unlike July and August, when there were several dozen examinations a day in the Presevo COVID surgery, ten or so locals have been experiencing symptoms of the corona virus since the beginning of September. Doctors assess the situation as more stable, but still uncertain.   

"The residents of Presevo spent their summer vacations mainly in Albania.  Presevo is still in an emergency situation, people move normally, they have no restrictions, but they adhere to our recommendations to wear face masks, keep distance among themselves and come to us if they have any symptoms ", says Driton Salihu, the Director of the Health Center in Presevo.

Dr. Svetlana Stojanovic, the Director of the Institute of Public Health in Vranje, says that there were five positive persons in Presevo in one day, once there were three persons, while there can be one or two persons too, which is for the municipality of Presevo, which did not have a large number of positive patients in the past, a significant increase.

Doctors state that now patients between the ages of 50 and 60 see the doctor most often, who have milder symptoms and a milder clinical picture.

“We are well protected, we take care of ourselves and we try to help the patients in every possible way ", says Ivana Veljkovic, a nurse at the COVID surgery in Presevo.

At the entrance to the only shopping center in Presevo, where the locals both buy and go out, bilingual notice boards and disinfectants.

“We have good cooperation with the visitors and we suggest that everyone should wear a mask. Inspections have established that we adhere to all the envisaged protection measures. Our employees protect themselves and we have not had any infected persons ", says Ermalj Sulejmani, the Manager of the shopping center in Presevo.

According to the data of the Health Center in Presevo, 85 cases of the corona virus infection were confirmed in that place from the beginning of July until mid - September.

Source: RTS, “Blic” daily and Coordination Body