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15. January 2015.

Medvedja – Dragisa Petrovic (63), an entrepreneur and a councilman of the Group of Citizens "Gornja Jablanica", is the new Mayor of Medvedja. He was elected at the local assembly’s session, which was attended by OSCE representatives.  

Mr. Petrovic was elected unanimously at the marathon session that started two days ago.  The session was attended by 34 out of 35 members, while 33 councilors voted for him. Mr. Petrovic, as he said, didn’t vote for himself.

He was elected because the previous candidate of "Upper Jablanica" Natasa Filic had withdrawn her candidacy for the post of mayor, which was vigorously opposed by the councilors of the opposition Serbian Progressive Party.

“The election of Mr. Petrovic is a compromise solution and the result of an agreement reached to defuse tensions", said one of the councilors of the Serbian Progressive Party.

Political tensions between the Serbian parties have been palpable in Medvedja for a long time, and they culminated two days before when Mrs. Filic hadn’t received the required number of votes for the position of mayor and when a group of twenty or so residents of Medvedja had burst into the assembly hall and interrupted the stormy session.

Dragisa Petrovic was elected the new Mayor of Medvedja a month and a half after the sudden death of Slobodan Draskovic, the long-time Mayor of Medvedja and the founder of the Group of Citizens "Gornja Jablanica".

The “Gornja Jablanica” Group of Citizens and Riza Halimi’s Party for Democratic Action are in power in the municipality.  

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body