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2. June 2020.

Nis - The epidemiological situation in the southern part of Serbia has been brought under control, said epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic.

He said for the Radio and Television of Serbia that 44 patients suffering from the corona virus were being treated at the Nis Clinical Center, that there were thirty or so patients at the COVID hospital in Leskovac and about 80 patients at the COVID hospital in Vranje.

According to him, there were many young people and many asymptomatic clinical pictures among the patients in Vranje.

“Many measures for suppressing the epidemic have been relaxed, but the citizens still have an obligation to wear masks indoors and to keep their distance. Gloves are needed in companies, markets or shops. It is also necessary to wash your hands several times and to disinfect them, "Dr.Tiodorovic said.

If people adhere to that, he added, the situation will be much better in 14 days, although, as he said, the epidemic can be officially announced over only after 28 days without the sick and the positive for the corona virus.

“So far, 42.6 percent of those who are outside of Nis have been treated at the Clinical Center in Nis, over 32 percent were young people, and all this shows how we behaved in the midst of the epidemic. The situation is much better now, "Dr. Tiodorovic said.

He pointed out that epidemiologists in Serbia had been sure from the very beginning of the epidemic what they should do, because there was a world doctrine in epidemiology on how epidemics and pandemics were prevented and suppressed.

“What was said about us not knowing what we should do in the beginning is absolutely not true, "Dr. Tiodrovic said.  

Source: “Beta” news agency and Coordination Body