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28. July 2020.

Bujanovac - The director of the Health Center in Bujanovac, Lela Jovanović, said that non-compliance with the measures introduced by the emergency situation in that city, as well as with the measures prescribed by the Crisis Staff of the Government of Serbia, contributed to the worsening of the epidemiological situation

Dr. Jovanovic said for the Serbian Radio and Television that the citizens of Bujanovac did not comply with the obligation of using a mask and maintaining mutual distance.

"Today is a market day in Bujanovac, and the atmosphere is as if you were at a fair. Rarely anyone wears a mask, and the ban on the gathering of more than five people is not respected," it is stated on the website of the Serbian Radio and Television.

Dr.  Jovanovic said that celebrations, weddings and festivities were being organized in that city, which only worsened the epidemiological situation.

"There is no physical distance between people in cafes, masks are not worn. I am asking the citizens to take the situation in the municipality of Bujanovac seriously, "Dr. Jovanovic said.

The clinical picture of people who come to COVID-dispensaries is diverse: from those with milder symptoms, to those with more severe ones, who are placed in the Infectious Diseases Ward of the Hospital in Vranje.

“The number of citizens changes from day to day and ranges from 60 to 90 per day, but we have had an increase in the number of patients over the weekend and today. There are 118 new patients, and the esults for another 19 are awaited.  "Today, tests are still being taken for citizens who are waiting in front of the ambulance, and there are a lot of them," Dr. Jovanović said.

Source: “Danas” daily, Sputnjik and Coordination Body