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1. June 2020.

Belgrade - From this September, the students of the first grade of primary school will have a new school subject called Digital World, which will provide them with basic knowledge in that area.

“The new school subject will replace the project teaching, so that the number of classes will remain the same. We will abolish project teaching as a school subject, while project teaching as a method of work will remain in usage ", said Biljana Maric, the Advisor to the Minister of Education.

According to her, the students of the first cycle of primary education will be taught the school subject Digital World by class school teachers.

“Teachers in the educational system have specific competencies that are necessary for realizing new contents in accordance with the teaching and learning program. Since 1993, all pedagogical faculties have had two subjects in their study programs - informatics and educational technologies, so that all those who graduated from teacher training faculties had gone through that area," Ms. Maric said.

She confirmed that trainings in the new school subject will be organized for teachers, and that the accompanying materials in written and digital form will be available for the implementation of the training.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency, Jugmedia and Coordination Body