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22. April 2016.

Medvedja - Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, and his associates visited the local community of Lece, where they met with its members and discussed the community’s current problems and the ways of solving them. 

Mayor Arsic met with members of the Council of the local community of Lece and on that occasion underscored that the development of local communities was one of the priorities of the local self-government in Medvedja.

"Specific activities and investments, primarily those regarding solving the issues of water supply, renovation of the market, as well as those related to making investments in the elimination of the consequences of heavy rainfall and landslides, have been planned for the local community of Lece," said Mayor Arsic, adding that the development of local communities would be top-priority in the municipality of Medvedja that year.  

Source: Info Center South and Coordination Body