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15. August 2011.

Nis – The relocation of the Development Fund of Serbia from Belgrade to Nis, which occurred this February, already yielded some results. Sladjana Backovic, Director of the Fund, says that following many meetings, which had been held between representatives of the Fund and representatives of chambers of commerce and business associations from all over the country, especially of those from the southern and south-eastern Serbia, a visible progress was made in the field of economic activity:        

“We are pleased with what has been done, though only half a year has passed since the Fund was relocated from Belgrade to Nis. Most work was done in the field of encouraging the development of business activities through the establishment of small and medium-sized companies in the territory of Nis, Pozarevac, Jagodina, Prokuplje, Leskovac and Bujanovac, whereas the Development Fund of Serbia is going to undertake the same activities in the territory of other municipalities by the end of the year. We are aimed at increasing the number of small beneficiaries of the Fund’s financial resources and not at providing pecuniary resources to a small number of large beneficiaries” said Director of the Fund. 

The Fund’s open competition for offers is open all over the year. By the beginning of this August, the Development Fund of Serbia assigned pecuniary assistance to legal entities in Serbia’s undeveloped municipalities, out of which most are from South Serbia, amounting to three billion and 405 million dinars. At the same time, loans amounting to 53 million dinars were extended to entrepreneurs from undeveloped regions. Short-term credits in the total amount of 837 million dinars were extended, as well as investment credits in the amount of 4.42 billion dinars. Credit instruments amounting to 78 million dinars were distributed to entrepreneurs in the other parts of Serbia, which brings the total amount given to 8.85 billion dinars.