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21. August 2019.

The Swiss PRO program extended until August 26, 2019, the deadline for a public call for providing support to local self-governmental units for enhancing the capacity to improve e-government and provide electronic services.

Through this call, the Swiss government will support up to 40 local self-governments through a 350,000 euro call to increase accountability, transparency and efficiency in ensuring better access to services and rights for both citizens and the economy, it was said in the statement.

96 cities and municipalities from the Sumadija and Western Serbia and Southern and Eastern Serbia regions have the right to participate in the public call. Local self-governments can, through their project proposals, apply for the procurement of IT equipment and licensed software worth between 7,000 and 9,000 euros and state what technical support they need to improve e-Government.  

In accordance with the national framework, the Swiss PRO program will provide local self- governments with technical support tailored to their individual needs, so that they could, among other things, develop internal processes and procedures, advance the implementation of the Electronic Administrative Procedure (e-ZUP), develop the existing or new e-Services and develop solutions for their Internet presentations.  

The Swiss PRO program particularly encourages local self-governments to include in their project proposals work on the development and improvement of e-Services for persons belonging to national minorities, as well as work on the introduction of assistive technologies that would increase the accessibility of these services to persons with disabilities.  Also, this is an opportunity for local self-governments to make it possible for the population to actively participate in the decision-making processes in their communities through the establishment of e-Participation and e-Listening pages. 

More information on the call, the method of applying and the project selection criteria is available at

Source: Swiss PRO Program and Coordination Body