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11. January 2019.

Presevo - The temporary closing of the Customs Terminal in Presevo will last only until a public call is issued by the Customs Administration to find a long-term solution for the needs of local businessmen, their representatives in the customs procedure and all engaged civil services in order to achieve the most efficient development of the region's economy, the Customs Administration said.

They say that the customs office in Presevo has not been permanently abolished, but has temporarily ceased to perform customs clearance activities as of November 25, 2018.

“The reason for the temporary cessation of the operation of the customs office is of a technical nature, so that it had to be temporarily closed until an adequate solution for a smooth continuation of operation was reached. "

The economy of South Serbia will not suffer any harmful consequences, because the tasks of placing goods in one of the customs approved procedures can be performed, under the same conditions, at the nearest customs office in Vranje or at any other branch customs office that the economic entity chooses.

“There were a total of 13 customs officers at that customs office and all of them were assigned to other organizational units of the Nis customs office, taking into account their place of residence, "the Customs Administration said.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body