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12. May 2017.

Presevo – There are currently 670 refugees at the Reception Refugee Center in Presevo, half of whom are Afghans, followed by citizens of Pakistan and Syria, said Goran Ciric, a representative of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.

He said that the number of refugees accommodated in Presevo continuously varied as it was an open-type center, which means that the refugees are allowed to freely come out of it, provided they have a pass.

“The refugees are provided with basic living conditions, while the organizations working at the center made it possible for them to undertake  numerous activities, ranging from non-formal education school, where they have language classes and classes in other school subjects, through sports activities, such as women's and men's football, yoga, guitar lessons and the like", Mr. Ciric said.

He also said that the Refugee Center in Presevo was the only one in Serbia that had a mobile dental clinic and a hair salon.

According to him, with the arrival of warmer days, the refugees often permanently leave the center in the hope of crossing the border, but after several unsuccessful attempts, they usually return to Presevo.

Source: “Beta” news agency and Coordination Body