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9. July 2020.

Bujanovac – Two medical workers employed at the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation in Bujanovac Spa are positive for the corona virus, said Nenad Mitrovic, a member of the management of that institution.

According to Mr. Mitrovic, the health resort will, for the time being, continue to operate on a regular basis, with intensified measures for preventing the spread of the virus.

It was confirmed on Monday that two medical technicians became ill with Covid-19, while the Director of the Health Center, Dr. Lela Jovanović, informed the municipal emergency situations staff about the case on Wednesday.

"This morning, the workers of the Public Health Institute in Vranje disinfected the entire facility. We are taking the necessary measures, the temperature of our employees and visitors is measured every morning, and those who have a fever cannot enter the facility, "Mr. Mitrovic said.

According to him, there are currently around 100 inpatient and outpatient visitors in Bujanovac Spa. 

“We will monitor the situation and if there is an increase in the number of visitors and employees with an elevated temperature, we will apply other measures as well, "he said.

On Wednesday, the Emergency Situations Staff introduced the emergency measures in the territory of Bujanovac, but their implementation was postponed for two days, depending on, as he stated, the epidemiological situation.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body