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26. February 2013.

A delegation of the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja visited the flooded villages of Levosoje and Oslare near Bujanovac and delivered to the threatened population emergency aid, which consisted of the most basic food and gas bottles.

60 liters of milk, 36 five-liter balloons of water, 60 kilograms of bread, 50 cups of yogurt and 80 gas bottles were handed over to the villagers.

Director of the Coordination Body’s Office, Danijela Nenadic, said that the office would do everything within its power to ease the current situation of the citizens, adding that representatives of the Coordination Body would be regularly in contact with the local population and the competent authorities

President of the Coordination Body, Zoran Stankovic, pointed out that the Coordination Body, along with the state authorities, would take all the measures for providing assistance with repairing the damage.

Members of fire rescue teams, police and the army of the Republic of Serbia, as well as of Bujanovac utility services, were in the field. They provided all the necessary machinery for mending the Moravica riverbed.   

The inhabitants are being evacuated from their flooded homes, while the damage to their property hasn’t yet been evaluated. It is expected that this will be done over the next two days.

The flooding was caused by the excessive rainfall, the spilling of water from the Moravica River and the non-cleaned waterways.

Source: The Coordination Body