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28. May 2010.

Last Friday, Minister Milan Markovic, the President of the Coordination Body, paid a visit to the village of Levosoje, which is situated in the municipality of Bujanovac. He firstly talked with members of the agricultural cooperative “Jug Levosoje”, which is an example of multi-ethnicity and which proves that co-operation between Albanians and Serbs is possible. Members of this agricultural cooperative received the funds through the Coordination Body’s open competition for repairing their agricultural machines and purchasing the seeds for spring planting. Minister Markovic suggested to the farmers that they should cooperate with the Sabac dairy and he also encouraged them to ask the Coordination Body for financial assistance, since the Coordination Body is always willing to support multi-ethnic cooperation.

During his stay in the village of Levosoje, Minister Markovic also visited the “Vuk Karadzic” elementary school. As the school doesn’t yet have a gym, the Ministry for Public Administration and Local self-Government is going to fund preparation of the project documentation for construction of the gym.
Minister Markovic promised that he would assist the school with asphalting the school playground and with renovating the school kitchen.