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7. December 2018.

Medvedja – 63 out of 80 secondary school students from Medvedja that applied for the call for scholarship applications, will be receiving a scholarship of 6,000 dinars per month each over the next nine months.  They obtained them in this year’s call for scholarship applications of the Coordination Body’s Office for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja. In accordance with its budget, the Coordination Body’s Office has the funds for 300 scholarships, and in compliance with the quotas, Medvedja received 21% of them.

"All those who have achieved the success that deserves a scholarship will be receiving it for a period of nine months. The amount of scholarship is 6,000 dinars per month, and I hope that you will spend the money on what you need, and that it will help you organize your education in the way you want it,” said Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body.

Mr. Stankovic took the opportunity to motivate the students to enroll in the university study program.

Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, said that the Coordination Body had done a lot for the municipality of Medvedja in the previous years, and that the cooperation was even more effective that year. 

“I am deeply indebted to the Coordination Body and to Zoran Stankovic, the President of that body. Thanks to a change in the propositions, Medvedja received a larger number of scholarships this year. Congratulations to the students who received the scholarships. I wish that in the future, upon your enrolling in the university study program, you represent Medvedja in the best possible way.   All young people who complete the university study program will be welcome and we will, although it is not an easy task, find a way to hire them,” Mr. Arsic said.

The Mayor of Medvedja pointed out that at the most recent session of the Municipal Council it was decided that every newborn child should get 30,000 dinars, that the price of entry into the nursery should be the lowest in Serbia, amounting to two thousand dinars, and that the municipality should pay transportation for all the students who need it to arrive to school.

Katarina and Petra, first grade students of the secondary school of economics, and Iljire, who is a secondary school graduate, said that the scholarships meant a lot to them, that they would facilitate their education and that they would help them fulfill their needs in the period in which they received them. They pointed out that the scholarships would push all those who did not get them to learn better and thus fight for themselves. Katarina, Petra and Iljire, who are excellent students, realized that their future was in Medvedja.

In accordance with its budget, the Coordination Body’s Office has the funds for 300 scholarships, and in complaince with the quotas, the municipality of Bujanovac received 40% of scholarships or 120 of them, Presevo 39% or 117, and Medvedja 21% or 63. 

Source: Coordination Body