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18. October 2018.

Medvedja – As part of the project "Support to Socio-Economic Stability in the Western Balkans", which is funded by the Government of Germany, Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, and Masa Bubanj, the Help’ s Manager for Economic Development, presented 15 grant contracts at the Cultural Center in Medvedja.

Signatories of the contracts include 10 men and 5 women, who will receive the equipment for the craft, service and agricultural activities (a ceramicist, a tyre changer, a beehive maker, fruit and vegetable growers, etc.).

On that occasion, the Mayor of Medvedja pointed out that Medvedja was moving on a fast track out of the circle of the most underdeveloped municipalities, as well as that the signing of the contract with the "Help" organization was a big step for Medvedja.

Masa Bubanj, Help’s Manager for Economic Development, said that the goal of the Help organization was to improve the socio economic situation in Medvedja.

The signatories of the contract will, by the end of the year, get the equipment in the average value of 2.400,00 euro, business and professional training, networking and mentoring during the project.

Of the 15 signatories of the contracts, 5 are women, one of whom is a member of the Albanian nationality, Ljida Hiseni. Her family is already engaged in beekeeping and, as she pointed out, the received money would be used to purchase more beehives, so that they could expand their businesses.

The obligations of the signatories of the grant contracts include the financial contribution of 20% of the value of the donated equipment, 8 hours of community service, registration of the activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia and/or the employment of one additional worker, as well as the attending of business training courses that "Help" organizes within the project.

The implementation of project activities is funded by the "Help" through donor funds, with the participation of the Municipality of Medvedja, which co-finances the direct costs of purchasing the equipment in the amount of 14,400.00 euros.

The "Help" organization implements the project "Support to Socio-Economic Stability in the Western Balkans" from April 2017 until January 2019.

Source: South Serbia Info Center and Coordination Body