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27. April 2018.

Medvedja - Media representatives whose projects were approved in the competition for the co-financing of media contents of public interest in the municipality of Medvedja, yesterday signed contracts with Svetlana Todorovic, the Head of the Municipal Administration of Medvedja.

The signing was attended by Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, too.  

Mayor Arsic said that the municipality of Medvedja had always been open for cooperation with all media and that it would continue to do so in the future, too, and that the local self- government had not interfered in the work of the tree-member project selection committee.

“27 media outlets applied this year, while three media outlets failed to meet the requirements.   The municipality of Medvedja earmarked 4,750,000.00 dinars for the co-financing of 7 projects this year. The local self-government did not get involved in the selection process, but it was important to us that the media from Medvedja were evaluated. When it comes to the selection committee, we believe that they made the right decision," Mayor Arsic said.

Svetlana Todorovic, the Head of the Municipal Administration in Medvedja, said that large sums of money had been earmarked for the media and that she expected that all those who had been given the opportunity to implement their projects that year, would do so responsibly and in a quality manner. 

The minutes of the conducted competition for co-financing the projects for achieving the public interest in the public information sphere in the municipality of Medvedja in 2018  can be viewed on

Source: South Serbia Info Center and Coordination Body