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29. August 2019.

Zoran Djordjevic, Minister for Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, spoke with representatives of the National Employment Office and the UNDP about continuing the IT retraining program.

The retraining program, which is implemented in cooperation with the UNDP, began in 2017 and has so far covered more than 1,200 people in eight cities, with an additional 750 people participating in National Employment Office’s programs.

The program included both the employed and the unemployed, while the focus was on different programming languages, namely Java Script, Java, Python, PHP, etc.

The training was conducted by state educational institutions, private faculties, civil society organizations and private companies.

The plan is to issue a call for the training of another 2,000 candidates in February 2020, who will undergo training in the course of that year.

The program was launched on the proposal of the Council for Information Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurship, chaired by Ana Brnabic, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.  

Source: E-Gate and Coordination Body